There are now so many places online and in magazines to probe for inspiration in both fashion and interior design. So much so, it can commence to feel a little inundating. Am I right? well we thought of addressing some of your interior decisions/queries in a pain-free way.

Maybe you want to get your living room painted and you aren't able to decide between an off-white or a neutral grey. Maybe you've been looking for perfect curtain for your room and cant decide between different colours and prints. You're not even sure why you need a chandelier, but your wife wants that crystal one. How do you choose? Your new house has big enough space and you aren't able to decide between sectional's or Sofa's?

And You think to yourself,
"How high do we hang that sparkly chandelier?"
"Do we need to add another table to this room, or just some art?"
"Are there too many colors going on in here?"
"Wish we could just ask a professional?"

We understand you just need a little help busting through with that one decision that will get you more proximate to culminating interiors of your space!!

Okay,Here We are excited to tell you that we have come up with a pain-free way to solve your problem.

Wouldn't you love to just ask a designer? "I'd like to run this by you," "We're going with grey paint. Which one would look good?" or "How many cushions should we use?" or "Can you suggest a colour or art for this wall?" 

Well,You know your question doesn't seem big enough to hire a designer to come to your home. And maybe that's a higher investment than you'd like to make. It's just a quick question, after all. You just need a sure-fire answer.

We're offering this exact service free of cost! We introduce to you, our  service "Ask the Designer" !!
Just ask us your question and we will get back to you via email with a well thought out answer.  If we need to see a picture of the space, we'll let you know.
Seems like you already have something to ask us! Well,We have answers. We've got opinions-professional ones (because we know you value those).It only takes a minute to ask your burning question that will resolve the design drama in your life.
Our inbox designer.komaldugar@gmail.com is waiting for all your queries!!
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